Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Milestone

Gareth has hit another milestone this past week - climbing out of the crib. I was wondering if he'd ever figure that out before we moved him to a big bed. I'm hoping to purchase a mattress for him this next week, so he squeezed this accomplishment in at the last minute. Gareth's been really good about waiting patiently in his crib until we decide to wake up and get him. I was therefore quite surprised yesterday as I was getting ready for the day to hear him crying and to hear the sound get nearer to our room. When Ryan got up this morning he walked out to find Gareth in the living room playing with books. And when Gareth woke up from his nap this afternoon he failed to emit his usual cry for me, but quietly got himself out of the crib and came to find us. It's rather nice to have him get himself out of bed - or will be until he does it at 1 am.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


And now we come to my worst area of all - portraits. These are all pictures of Gareth, since I didn't have anyone else willing to have their picture taken. I would post some that Ryan took as well, but his aren't as easily accessible at the moment.

Now that we've got a nice quality point-and-shoot, we've decided we need to start saving up for a good SLR. Taking pictures of a constantly moving child is practically impossible with a point-and-shoot, unless you like your pictures really blurry.

My neighbor owns a mat cutter and we were able to get some linen tape from a local framing store, so I was able to mat a couple of my pictures myself (the clarinet keys and the water spigot). I was going to frame them myself as well, but when I took them to the frame store to verify I was about to do it correctly the nice man there framed them for me for free (but now I know how to do it myself in the future). My class is over now - our last couple of sessions were about matting and framing and then we held an "art show" at the church with finished products from both photography classes and a quilting class. It was a fun class, though a bit stressful at times, and I think I've learned a lot from it. Hopefully what I've learned will help my future picture-taking improve.