Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pacific Science Center

I can't even remember how many weeks ago we did this play date, but I haven't taken any pictures since, so you get to see this outing anyway. We've been having weekly play dates with a friend and this one was a definite success. I'm considering purchasing a membership to the science center because Gareth loved it so much (but I'll probably wait and see how busy we are once preschool starts before shelling out the dough).

There's a ton of stuff to see/do there, though obviously some of it is a bit advanced for Gareth yet. They have a great kids play area that he loved and a place where you can pet star fish and such. The butterfly house was cool - he enjoyed watching butterflies eat some bananas (which the one below is not doing).

The kids all enjoyed climbing on any statues that were around.

And he loved the "rocket ship" so much we had to go stand in line to play with it twice.

They also have fountains outside connected to water gun type things you can spray into the water. Gareth was pretty bummed that we didn't take the time to do that this time around, so we'll have to be sure to play with those on our next visit.