Monday, January 24, 2011

Moving Day Approaches

Moving really is tough on a little kid. At least the last week of prep. before the move is. Most of the month Gareth has been blissfully unaware of the impending move (helped by the fact that we don't have to pack anything ourselves). But we're leaving this weekend, which means the packing and loading and all that is happening this week. And he's having a rough time understanding that Ryan and I really do have to get things other than playing Chutes and Ladders done. The fact that he doesn't want to nap anymore (but probably still needs a nap at least two or three times a week) isn't helping. Hopefully we'll choose wisely the books and toys we bring to temporary housing with us and the transition to a new place will go a little easier than this week. Chutes and Ladders is definitely on the list I'm thinking.

Moving is more exciting to us grown-ups. Still rough on me because I can't pack anything. And since we have nothing packed I keep having dreams about leaving and always wake up feeling anxious because I have yet to pack anything. Silly, I know. I then remind myself a few times that I can't pack anything and that momentarily calms my anxiety. Other than that, we're excited for a new adventure and the chance to explore the Seattle area some more and with greater ease since we will have a car this time around. The not-so-exciting trade-offs: ridiculously expensive housing costs (I almost gave a friend a heart attack the other day when talking about the good rent prices which apparently are at least double her mortgage payment here), more expensive food, and, well, pretty much more expensive everything. Oh, and only seeing the sun an average of 71 days per year. I mean, I enjoy those melancholy grey days and all, but 200 some odd of them might be a bit much, even for my tastes. Other things we're excited for include (but are not limited to): Costco (sooooo much better than Sam's Club!), Trader Joe's (I made my first trip to one over Christmas, but we had other places to get to, so it'll be fun to explore this store I've heard so many good things about), Ryan having a job he'll (hopefully) enjoy, and forty and fifty degree weather. I'm sure we'll discover many more exciting things that will help to outweigh the cloudiness and help us to love our new home. But first we have to make it through this next week!