Monday, September 28, 2009


I finally got released from the nursery yesterday! It felt a little strange to be so free. I strongly considered introducing myself as someone new in Relief Society, but held back. A few friends were celebrating with me and for the first time in years Ryan and I attended Sunday school together (well, I suppose we have had the odd week here and there when visiting family or after just moving somewhere new, but it feels like it's been years).

I'm looking forward to getting to know more women in Relief Society. The hard part is that, over a year after moving in, my energy and excitement for being super sociable and reaching out to others has definitely waned. Perhaps the coming weeks will revitalize that. I felt bad about not trying harder yesterday, but between the strangeness of being there at all and combating my body's dislike for fasting I wasn't able to expend any energies in that arena.

Overall, I'm excited for this change. I got the Bishop to promise that whatever they give me to do next I'll be able to attend Sunday school and Relief Society. And while I may not always enjoy the lessons in those two hours (though yesterday's were pretty good), they should at least give me some food for thought and a much-needed break from Gareth. Besides, it felt awesome to go pick up Gareth yesterday and have him so ecstatic to see me - and for me to feel happy to see him as well.