Saturday, June 20, 2009


To my great amusement, a few months ago I found myself contemplating looking into cloth diapers for our next kid. (I was quite determined against them when expecting Gareth, partly because I'd no idea how far they've evolved in recent years.) And, oddly enough, it wasn't because of the environmental impact or the cost of plastic diapers. It's simply that I'd grown tired of the act of purchasing diapers. I find myself dreading the end of each box and the ensuing trip to Sam's Club (oh, how I wish they'd build a Costco here!!!!) to buy more. The thing I don't like about cloth is the constant washing. So I'd actually given up on the idea, until I came across gDiapers. These diapers come with a flushable insert. How cool is that!? You can even toss wet ones in your compost! So, I'm once again contemplating plastic diaper alternatives. And hoping that Gareth is ready to potty-train sooner rather than later, so we get a diaper break for a while.


Nancy said...

We love our cloth diapers, but the washing thing can get a little terrible. I've been looking into getting paper liners for our cloth diapers for this next one just so that I don't have to deal with so many poopie mnesses. Those are the worst.

Still, for us it was a money thing...and the environmental impact. Diapers are SO expensive and I would feel so guilty every time I lugged the garbage bag from the diaper pail (that weighed like as much as I do) outside. Yeah...cloth diapers are SO much easier than they were for the previous generations. We have so many more options.

I've looked into the G-diaper thing but I haven't decided how economical it is yet. Plus we already have cloth diapers up the wazoo so we're basically set. :)

Aye Spy said...

I've looked into those too. Not that I'm anywhere close to having a baby, but I've been curious about the progress of cloth diapers since Mom used them.

I'm curious whether this is a subtle announcement that a second one is on the way. Is it??

Momof8 said...

The gDiapers replacement liners are $.40-$.45 each (before shipping charges) depending upon the quantity you order. Isn't that about the same price as disposables? Of course, you have to buy their covers and snap-in thingys, too. Over the long-term, you'd probably spend at least as much as you do on disposables, but it is environmentally friendlier.
I'm afraid I'm partial to cloth diapers, using disposables when convenience is needed (church, traveling, etc.). I still have about 4 dozen sitting in my closet. I can't bring myself to use them for rags. They are still in such good shape.

Erin said...

Yeah, the cost wouldn't be much different I don't think. From reviews I've read there are some people that combine the gDiapers with the BumGenius, I just can't remember what exactly they use of each. (Reading reviews has also made me think I'd stick to disposables for the early weeks when you're dealing with several poopy diapers per day.

Heh, no it definitely isn't an announcement. I'm just thinking way, way, way, way ahead.