Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sun is a 'asma

That was Gareth's initial attempt to say, "the sun is a miasma of incandescent plasma". On the second repetition he managed, "the sun is a miasma 'descent 'asma", so pretty close. It's the first line of a TMBG song from their Here Comes Science album, which Gareth is currently in love with. His favorite song is, somewhat predictably, "I Am a Paleontologist", though he also likes "Speed and Velocity" because he can run around like crazy pretending to be an airplane.

The other day we were at Red Robin and ordered some cheese sticks. Gareth's favorite part of the appetizer? The lettuce leaf. He ate about half a cheese stick, but couldn't get enough of the lettuce and almost broke down in tears when it was all gone. His next favorite part of the meal? The mandarin oranges that came with his burger. He was excited to get a burger, but once it actually came all he noticed were those oranges.

And finally, here's Gareth's version of a classic story, told to me at the dinner table tonight:
The Big Bad Wolf blew down the little pigs' house. And then he eat the little pigs! And then the little pigs were broken into little pieces with the Big Bad Wolf's sharp teeth! And then the Big Bad Wolf blow down the train. And then he get on the train to go to the other grass. And then the Big Bad Wolf eat a duck! And a monkey! And another pig and another pig and another pig and another pig and then a turtle!


Amy Rose said...

Awesome story, Gareth!

Erin said...

Isn't it just? Usually he tells it slightly more accurately, so it took me by surprise that it took such a deadly turn last night.