Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gareth's Quilt

Remember how I was going to make a quilt for Gareth? And I'd even purchased half the fabric for it? I started washing the fabric, but then things like getting pregnant and feeling sick got in the way. And then by the time I was feeling better I had to make a Halloween costume. And then it was pretty much time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years and all that.

But I'm still planning on making a quilt for Gareth. And over the holidays I went with my mom to the quilt store and chose fabrics for the quilt she'll make for our new baby. Over the past couple weeks she's proceeded to tell me how she's finished washing the fabric and cutting out the pieces (not to mention taking the time to figure out how to re-size the quilt to a smaller baby size). And she's only had the fabric for a matter of weeks! I was feeling rather shameful that I'd had mine for months and hadn't done a thing with it. So during our snow week (yup, Gareth had not a single day of school last week) while I was not doing other things, like practicing and house cleaning, I finished washing the fabric and proceeded to start cutting it.

It will be a slow process since the blocks for this quilt are small - less than 4" finished. Which means I'm cutting center squares of 1 1/4" to start. And then strips of 7/8" (it's a log cabin quilt). But, despite my frequent breaks whenever my back and hips start to hurt, I think I've done fairly well at moving along.

That may not look like much, but there are over 300 squares there. Only a little over 100 to go! Of course, once I finish the squares I get the fun of cutting the strips. Oh, and this is only half of my fabric. I still have to go back for the light tones. My quilting store here is moving (thankfully they're just moving down the street a little way from where they are now, not across town or something!) and so I'm going to head over there this week during their moving sale to see if I can get some of what I need for a good deal. 

The goal is to get as much cut out as possible before the baby comes. If I can start piecing even better - I'll pay someone to do the quilting for me this time around. I'd like to have the whole thing done by the time Gareth starts Kindergarten, or at the latest by this next Christmas. 


Michaela said...

I love that squirrel fabric. It is very tapestry-feeling in a fun way.

Alanna said...

This will make you feel better about your endeavors: I borrowed my mother-in-law's sewing machine back in August in the hopes that a friend could give me a few lessons and maybe I could learn the basics of sewing. I still haven't even taken it out of its case!

I'm completely impressed with what you're doing!

Erin said...

I know, isn't the squirrel fabric awesome? It was the fabric for Shop Hop 2010 apparently ( Which I think would be totally awesome to do one day, but it'd be more fun with friends, so I guess I need to find a way to make some quilting friends. :)

Thanks for the encouragement, Alanna! I won't be surprised if my mom or mother-in-law end up doing some work on this quilt while they're here. Of course, I'm already planning on having them help me organize the kid's room and plant the garden....