Friday, June 8, 2012


A couple years ago we grew Gareth's hair out for his Halloween costume. We were so focused on how horrific it looked for so long that we didn't notice that by the time Halloween actually came it looked awesome.

And so we immediately chopped it all off after Halloween was over. This past Halloween I was looking through pictures and realized how great his hair had looked long and was sad that we'd cut it short again so soon. We'd just shaved his head for his costume and his hair was growing back anyway, so we decided to let it grow long again. Right now it's in the horrific poof stage, but we know in a few months (hopefully before school pictures?) it'll look decent. (He likes to make silly faces in his pictures now. The hair is actually not looking quite as poofy today as it was a couple of days ago.)

For quite some time now Ryan's been wanting to do something different with his hair (see the photo above for what his hair has looked like ever since I've known him). I was no help in the "what should I do with my hair" department, but we both knew he'd have to grow it out a bit longer in order to do anything interesting with it. I wasn't sure he'd be able to since he typically starts bugging me for a hair cut as soon as his hair gets anywhere near his ears. But he has a good friend in Indiana who has long hair and so around the same time we decided to grow out Gareth's hair, Ryan decided to start growing his as well. Gareth's we'll probably keep about the length in the photo above, maybe a tad longer. But Ryan's going to grow his at least shoulder length long.

In all honesty, I'm not sure long hair will be a good look for him. It is great for his friend and for many others I've seen, just not sure it'll be right for Ryan. But we figure that if we don't like it really long at least this way we'll get to see it at various stages and be able to determine a look that's good for him. Plus I'm really interested to see what his hair is like at various lengths. His is a bit funky looking at it's current stage as well, but it's actually better than when just the sideburns were getting long. Then he'd get little wings as soon as he put his glasses on every morning and it just looked ridiculous. But now the rest of the hair has caught up a bit and so the wingy sideburns don't look so bad anymore.

This was a couple of weeks ago, and he was making it poof up more than it usually does - it looked even more absurd in person. We have good intentions to continue taking pictures as it grows so if that actually happens we'll continue to document his hair growth here.


Myrna said...

My niece's husband has been a regular "Locks of Love" donor for a number of years--he grows gorgeous, thick hair, cuts it, donates it, and starts ove again!

kristine N said...

Hmm, somehow he looks very German, in that "crazy-frenetic-composer/scientist" sort of way.

Marianne said...

I think he looks great with longer hair! I'm not usually an advocate for long hair on boys or men, but it's quite stylish, and it looks really good!

On an unrelated note, I have been meaning to ask you for ages and have never managed to get around to you mind if I add your blog to my reader? I would love to keep in better touch and I think this would help me--at least in the creepy stalker sense!

Erin said...

You may absolutely add our blog to your reader, Marianne. I could never possibly keep track of all my friend's blogs without reader!