Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We took it pretty easy this weekend. I had a Chemistry exam on Thursday and had had to play first clarinet at orchestra rehearsal on Wednesday, so I let myself relax and ignore all things school for the entire weekend. I feel okay about this since I was recovering from a horrible cold (stupid cough is still lingering).

I still miss Somerville's Memorial Day. Maybe next year I'll have to try harder to find a parade or something for us to attend, because it feels weird to not do anything! Anyway, we mostly hung around the house this weekend. Folklife is always this weekend, but I think we had our fill of that a few years ago. I'm guessing there were lots of hippie wannabes, lots and lots of pot (not that this wasn't there before - pretty sure I remember smelling that 4 years ago, but I'd wager it was present in larger quantities now that it's legal), and a plethora of bad musicians playing throughout Seattle Center. I had a concert on Sunday, which went pretty well. I made some mistakes that I wish I hadn't. Luckily I'll get a second chance at the clarinet convention this summer.

We all slept in a bit this morning. Then we enjoyed a late breakfast of whole grain pancakes, canadian bacon, and hash. Ryan has this place downtown that he goes to for lunch sometimes and he buys the hash there. Gareth is too scared to try it, which is fine by us since that means more for us.

Then we got some yardwork done - Ryan trimmed the ivy and pampas grass (which may be dying, hooray!) and I did weeding with some help from Gareth while Malcolm wandered the yard. A little later in the afternoon Gareth and I went for a short bike ride to the park where we ran into friends and played for a bit. I finally got around to getting a new helmet and had a bike enthusiast friend take a look at my bike to make sure it was in working order and pump up the tires for me, so now I have no excuse not to go riding with Gareth or by myself. Though we don't have a way to carry Malcolm on our bikes, so that will make it more difficult to just get out and go. I'm going to be in for some saddle soreness this summer - the ride to the park is not very long and already my seat felt very hard and uncomfortable. Ryan is also attempting to ride his bike more, though he's doing so in the hopes of working up to riding to work. He's told me that if he makes it through a full winter riding every day then he'll consider letting himself save up for a good road bike. It'd be nice for him to not have to wait for the bus, not to mention it'd be great exercise in addition to his weightlifting.

It was a good weekend, and one that leaves me excited for Gareth and myself to be done with school in a few weeks.


Amy Rose said...

Devin has been riding his bike to work for just over a year now, and he loves it! There are some days when I call him and tell him I'm going to come pick him up (lightning, wind gusts 40+mph, icy streets). I think he's only driven a handful of days, and we sold our second car! It's so great, I think you guys will like it if Ryan really does get into it!

Erin said...

I hope he does! It was actually something we talked about when we first moved here. But then he just never did. A friend at work rides though and he's apparently been pretty jealous of said friend never having to wait for the bus. So I'm really hopeful that this friend will continue to be a motivating factor for Ryan.