Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year Gingerbread House

We kept New Year's Eve simple, with basil chicken over rice for dinner. Mal didn't stay up at all (he's not old enough to realize this is a thing yet), but Gareth really, really wanted to stay up until midnight. So we broke out the cheese, crackers, and port or sparkling cider and plugged away at our puzzle while watching a couple episodes of Buffy and a bit of Infinity War. Ryan and I were ready to call it quits by 10, but again, Gareth insisted on staying up. Maybe in a couple years we'll just head to bed and let the kids stay up. We're still working on the puzzle, so no picture of it yet. As soon as it was midnight we immediately sent us all to bed.

I was busy with other things throughout New Years Eve, so didn't get to make gingerbread dough until New Year's Day. And then it took another couple days before we got a chance to decorate. Ryan joined in on the decorating this year. Malcolm wanted to make hearts out of all the things.

The kids have met up with friends here and there and I met up with friends today. It's been very nice to enjoy the holidays, but it'll be good to get back in the swing of things this next week.

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