Saturday, July 27, 2019

A Hospital?!

I worked this past Sunday and, while I've got down what time I need to leave to catch the bus to work on the weekend, I hadn't yet figured out the reverse trip. This meant when I left work I was looking at a 25 minute wait for a bus. Given it was already pretty late, I asked Ryan and the kids to make a trip and pick me up and had the following exchange with Malcolm in the car:

Malcolm: A kids' hospital?!
Me: Yup, this is where I work.
Malcolm: You work in a hospital?!
Me: Yeah...
Malcolm: Do you get changed into nurse clothes?
Me: Nope, because I'm not a nurse. I'm a dietitian. I help the doctors and nurses know what to feed the kids.
Malcolm: Do kids go there when they're injured?
Me: Yeah, sometimes. Some of the kids who are there have injuries.
Malcolm: Have there ever been any kids there with an injury? Like from animals? Like a jaguar injury?

Apparently Mal hadn't known where I've been going for work for the past 6 months, which was surprising to us all to realize. And, for the record, I felt pretty confident stating that there had never been any jaguar injuries treated at the hospital.


Nancy said...

That's a pretty cool job, I have to say (even if Malcolm wasn't sure what you did (which I wouldn't worry about because I'm not sure even half our kids know what we do for a living)). Glad they were able to pick you up! And equally glad the bus is working out for you at least on the way there. Andrew's taking the metro to work and it makes his commute much nicer. :)

Erin said...

Thankfully the bus is really convenient on weekdays - comes every 10 minutes and is generally reliable. But weekend bus arrival times are spread out a bit on most routes, hence the unfamiliarity with having to plan a little more around that. It's so nice to live somewhere with decent public transit, isn't it? I'm glad it's working out well for Andrew!