Thursday, April 15, 2021

Rattlesnake Lake

The weather has been gorgeous here the past few days, so naturally I had to get outside with the kids while off work today. We all decided for another hike, though stuck to an easy one. We had two options at this location - hike up to a ledge for a view or hike a shorter, flat trail along the lake. I want to hike to the ledge at some point, but I'm nervous enough around heights when it's just me. Adding my kids to the picture just amps up the anxiety (even though they are not little anymore I still get nervous), so I was happy to wait on that until I have more adults with me. 

The kids spent some time playing on the rocky beach of the lake, skipping/throwing rocks in the water.

Then we headed to the trail and meandered along, enjoying the various lake views, watching those who were out canoeing/kayaking/paddle boarding. We also found the signage around the lake interesting, especially when we got to learn about how the lake was made (and the town of Moncton that was flooded in the process) and about the old railroad that used to go through the area.

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