Sunday, May 7, 2023

Plants and Pole Vaulting

The elementary school has a plant sale every year. This year the first day was when I got back from metabolic university and of course M asked to go as soon as I walked in the door. We waited and went the next morning and he chose these two plants. Now we get to see if he can keep them alive!

My coworkers got the office ready for summer:

But it hasn't felt very summery this past week. After arriving home to summer heat, it quickly dropped back into the 50s. G had their last home track meet this week and I hadn't seen him vault yet, so we headed over to the school for that this week. We learned the hard way that even trying to arrive a little after they should've been starting pole vault was not nearly late enough since they start at a height of 5 feet and move up in 6 inch increments. Kids who are trying for higher heights wait to enter until they're closer to their goal height, so G didn't even start vaulting until they were at 8 feet. So, an hour and a half of standing in the cold and wind later, we finally saw him vault. And then had to leave to pick up M from after school care. I caught a picture of the vault we did see, which he says wasn't a very good one even though he cleared the bar easily. His PR is 9', which he's frustrated about because he was very close to getting 9'6" at this meet (wind helped push the bar off) and he's been hitting that and getting close to 10' in practice. Metros are this week and then the season will wrap up for him - hopefully the weather is nicer and less windy this week!


Myrna said...

So cool about the plant sale! So awesome that G pole vaults!!

kristine N said...

Woot! Go G! That's amazing and very impressive!

Good luck with the plants :) The look like the kind that take over the world if properly cared for

Alanna said...

I'm so impressed with people pole vaulting-- it looks like the most unnatural thing in the world, and yet I imagine doing it successfully must be so exhilarating! Go G!!!

And good luck with the plants-- you've already proven on your blog that y'all have greener thumbs than I do, so I'm sure the plants will do fine!