Friday, February 4, 2011

Olympic Sculpture Park

One cool thing about our temporary housing complex is that it's right across the street from the Olympic Sculpture Park. Gareth and I took a walk there this morning, despite the spritzing rain and wind - sure it's a bit chilly, my ears were pretty cold by the time we got back home, but it's nowhere near as cold as Indiana is right now.

Gareth decided to take a picture of Perre's Ventaglio III by Beverly Pepper:

While I decided to take a picture of Schubert Sonata by Mark di Suvero:

Gareth also enjoyed watching the trains going by and looking out at the Sound, particularly watching the waves crash against the rocks.

Hopefully we'll have a sunny day soon so we can go back and enjoy the park for a little longer - this trip definitely did not use up enough time!


Matt White said...

Erin, do they have sun in Seattle? I'm not sure if they've ever seen it.

Erin said...

:) Actually, it's been quite sunny since we've arrived. Today is the first day we've had "rain" and the first truly cloudy day. Yesterday was partly cloudy. Other than that, we've had mostly sun! But we've only been here a week. And the average is 71 days of sun per year, so, yeah, we won't see a lot of it.

Alanna said...

Ha! This park is right next to where I used to work! They were just advertising their plans to build this park my last summer there! How fun to see it all finished!