Saturday, May 26, 2012

2 Months/5 Years

The less emotional aspect of the recent jaunt to the doctor:

Gareth's height: 43" (50%)
Gareth's weight: 41.4 lbs (50%)

Malcolm's height: 23.25" (60%)
Malcolm's weight: 11 lbs, 2 oz (25%)
Malcolm's head: 38.5 cm (30%)

It's interesting to compare this to where Gareth was at 2 months (remember that he started out 13 oz larger than Malcolm at birth). Gareth at two months measured 22.25", weighed 11 lbs even, and had a head circumference of 40 cm. So Malcolm's caught up in the height and weight department (not surprising considering he's recently started eating every two hours again), and Gareth had a big head.

The doctor is very pleased with Malcolm's growth. Hopefully he'll be able to keep it up - something his brother didn't manage. Malcolm got three shots and an oral vaccine today. I was tempted to see if we could space all the vaccines out a bit more this time around, but in the end agreed with the doctor that since Gareth will be starting school next year and around all sorts of germs and sick kids that it's probably best to keep Malcolm on the usual vaccination schedule. He's wasn't too happy about these first shots. He had a massive puke after they gave him the oral vaccine, so they had to give it to him again since it obviously didn't enter his system at all.

Gareth only got one shot - a DTap. He screamed a lot less than Malcolm. In fact, he only let out a mild "ow". Though that arm is a bit sore and red now, poor kid. I can't remember when it was that we transitioned from screaming bloody murder to not being bothered at all. I don't think he got any shots at his last check up a year ago and I'm pretty sure the last time he had a shot before then he still cried, though he probably didn't scream. So somewhere between 3 and 5 he managed to get over that. Which is interesting since he still screams bloody murder if he so much as bumps his knee into something or stubs a toe here at home. Maybe one day I'll be able to convince him that such things don't require wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Gareth with Malcolm at about 6 weeks

Pensive Sleeping

2 Months

Malcolm in the Morning

Malcolm is getting to be quite smiley these days, though I have a hard time capturing his smile in pictures. Once I start trying to take pictures he starts screaming. He's started enjoying having his arms and legs flapped around wildly and otherwise being played with. He's not too keen on trying to hold any toys yet, but he does show more interest in them when someone else holds them for him. Not sleeping through the night yet (Gareth has him beat there at 7 weeks), but he will occasionally tease us by sleeping for five or six hours straight (usually 11 to 5). The next night he's usually back to being up at 3 and 6. I'm hoping the teases become everyday soon.


Amy Rose said...

He sure is a cute baby!

Momof8 said...

Oh, I miss that baby, and I miss Gareth, too.

Thanks for the pictures!