Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Pout

I thought to snap some photos of the pout today when I started practicing:

 If left long enough, the basic pout above gives way to the extreme pout:

When I'm practicing he get's over his dissatisfaction eventually, once I've played continuously for a bit and he realizes the sound isn't going to go away. Then he goes to sleep.


Marianne said...

That is so hilarious!!! I've always thought a clarinet sound is soothing...but clearly Malcolm disagrees!

It's good he goes to sleep, though. Mine used to head-butt me in the legs until I stopped, and if that didn't work, he'd knock the music stand over.

Ah, those were the days.... :-)

Amy Rose said...

that is pretty funny! and so cute.

Susan said...

My dog used to howl when I practiced. Pretty annoying but also very hilarious. I'm glad Malcolm goes to sleep. My girls never had much tolerance for the clarinet when they were really little

Aye Spy said...

Ha, that's great! :) Cute little scrunchie face.