Thursday, July 3, 2014

2 Year/7 Year Check Ups (Exciting Rash Bonus!)

I'm squeezing in every doctor/dentist visit possible this summer, so this morning was dentist for me, followed by doctor for the boys. Gareth is always awesome at the doctor and Malcolm did much better this time around than he usually does, so that was pleasant. Overall, both boys are doing great.

Malcolm: 80% for height, 25% for weight
Gareth: 70% for height, 50% for weight
Both tall and skinny - no surprise there. Gareth actually missed some letters on the smallest print when they checked his eyes today. His left eye did better than his right. They didn't seem too worried about it (didn't tell me we needed to get it checked out or anything), so hopefully eyesight will continue to be a non-issue.

Gareth has been doing this throat-clearing thing for about a year and a half and it's starting to bug even him. The doctor said it's likely just a tic (he also has a tendency to blink his eyes more than usual, though I don't notice this that much) and he'll probably grow out of it. She suggested offering sips of warm water or a little honey if it's bothering him and otherwise to not make a big deal of it because making a big deal can make it stick around longer.

We had the distinction of Malcolm having an interesting enough rash that she brought in another doctor to look at it. I think she wanted to bring in all the doctors, but I guess only one was available at the moment. The other doctor's comment on it? "Oh! How cool!" They were seriously giddy and geeking out over it. Apparently it's a lichen striatus and is somewhat uncommon. It's also apparently more common in girls than boys, making Malcolm extra special. Our doctor was actually wishing she had a camera to take a picture because it's so textbook. Looks a lot like shingles, but since he has had it for so long (early May) and not been bothered by it and wasn't crying in pain when she touched it, she was positive it was the lichen thing. They don't know what causes it and it will usually go away on its own after several months, though she gave us a prescription for a cream that can (maybe) help get rid of it. So, here's a pic of this apparently exciting rash:

I feel like Malcolm tends to have lots of skin issues. He's got really dry skin with lots of bumps on his arms/legs and he's had what feels like a ridiculous number of rashes in his two years. More than Gareth has had in seven at any rate. At least this one was something more interesting for the doctor than past ones!

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Myrna said...

What an awesome rash! :o)

About the skin--I was thinking how nice it is that you live in a humid place, because think how much worse the dry skin would be in an dry climate. Also, maybe something genetic? Bruce's brother Ken has skin issues, and a few other Laytons that I know of...