Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bedroom and Music Room

This past week we had our new mattress delivered, which means that Ryan and I have moved into the upstairs bedroom. Woohoo! It may have no light or ventilation, but we are both immensely enjoying having that loft like space to ourselves. It helps that it's fall and not summer.

Eventually we'll figure out what kind of pillows we want (something fancy or just basic pillows in a king size?). Standard-size pillows look pretty lame on a wider bed. We were both surprised at the fact that our quilt actually covered all of the surface of the bed. Doesn't hang over the sides at all, but it's good enough until we get an appropriately-sized solution. We plan to get some nightstands for either side of the bed and lamps to go on them. There's a half-bath to the right of the picture and a closet behind me.

Us moving into the upstairs meant Ryan could move the drumset into the "music room" (aka guest bedroom). We did that today since Gareth and Mal had some friends coming over this evening and I wanted the basement more clear for them to play.

Ryan tested out playing the set once he got it set up and it cuts down on the sound in the rest of the house a lot to have it in it's own room, which I appreciate. We still have a lot of little things to find homes for, but I already feel so much more moved in - and am loving the house so much more - just by getting these things done.

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