Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

This Easter we got together with some friends from south of Seattle. I'd meant to invite other friends as well, but one of them was recovering from some health stuff and in the end I decided to keep it a bit simple for the first year these newish friends came up. The boys had a blast, Gareth was crying lots of tears when it was time to say goodbye, and hopefully we'll get together more in the future.

Saturday I had a concert. When I got home I spent the evening cleaning. Sunday was nice and relaxing, since ham makes for an easy dinner. Easter baskets were kept simple again this year. I had a few leftover things from stocking stuffers, so I used a couple of those things for the boys' baskets and they each got two small eggs with candy.

I put the baskets up high so Mal wouldn't binge on Gareth's before I got up

Our friends arrived in the afternoon. They came prepared with egg decorating equipment and an egg hunt. While I finished up some stuff for our meal, they decorated with the boys and hid eggs. We got a fortunate break in the rain, so were able to have our hunt outside. We gave Mal a head start and the boys both ended up with about half the eggs. Our yard was a bit overgrown still, which actually works out nicely for hiding eggs.

Ryan and one of our friends viewed the hunt from above

We enjoyed our dinner, got to meet our friends' dogs, and then just hung out and chatted. Gareth really, really wanted to tell them all about Minecraft, so after Mal was in bed we let him show them some Minecraft before he headed to bed.

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