Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baking and Braces

Summer break began for the boys on Monday (Labor Day was late this year). I'd been off for almost two weeks already, but had filled my few child-free mornings running around touring preschools, getting immunization forms filled out for me and various other little things to prepare for fall.

We started off the break by sleeping in and not yelling at kids to stay on task, then walking to our local library branch for the first time and signing up for the summer reading program. I love that the branch is in walking distance - the only reason we hadn't been already is because we mostly check out Kindle books these days. But sometimes Gareth enjoys having physical books, especially when you're talking comic books, so I'm guessing we'll be back at the library a few times this summer. Then an afternoon swim lesson where the head instructor told me I really should get Mal going with lessons. I told her that won't happen until I'm out of school at this point. I doubt Gareth will get anymore lessons while I'm in this program either.

Today we couldn't sleep in because Gareth had an early appointment to get braces put on. While waiting for his appointment to start he played with the toddler toy. Mal played with the display toothbrush and teeth (he's obsessed with the teeth models they have there).

Didn't take nearly as long as I expected, probably because he only has them on his front teeth right now. He chose red and dark blue because those are his favorite colors. They go nicely with the upcoming holiday as well.

They even gave him a snazzy electric toothbrush, which he's super excited about, so maybe he'll be good about brushing his teeth for a little while. Mal was getting a bit whiny (he wanted to go into the room where all the teeth are, but some other people were having a consult in there), so they gave him a little stuffed sea animal. At first he chose a crab. Then decided he wanted a shark. Then at the end he wanted a "goldfish". He insisted it get it's picture taken as well.

He's spent most of the afternoon whining that he wants to take the fish back and get the crab instead. Mal is in a constant state of buyer's remorse over every decision he makes.

Gareth hasn't complained about pain much yet. He did mention that his teeth were hurting a bit around lunchtime, but otherwise seems to be doing fine.

We decided that Gareth should do some semi-independent baking and cooking this summer - mostly on his own, but with us around in case of questions and to ensure the house doesn't burn down. The goal is for him to bake cookies or something similar a few times and to make a simple dinner one night per week. Tonight he's going to make pasta for us. This afternoon he made homemade Oreos - he'll make the frosting to fill them tonight after dinner. He managed to crack four eggs into the mixing bowl and not have to dig out any shells - a first for him. I helped shape some of the cookies, just so the project wouldn't take all day, but otherwise he worked on his own, with occasional advice from me. Hopefully by summer's end he'll feel comfortable going start to finish on his own.


Alanna said...

So much to say to this!

1) When did they start putting braces on kids so young??? I didn't get braces until I was like 15 or something! I'm not saying it's wrong-- I know nothing about orthodontics-- it just surprises me!

2) I wish my Mom would have forced me to do stuff in the kitchen when I was a kid. I had to figure it all out after I got married (and after living on pasta-roni and cereal for the many years I was in college and single). Good for you guys!

3) Pretty sure I can't break four eggs without getting some shell in there. Fortunately I know this, and always break them into a separate container first, because few things gross me out more than shell in my food. But I'm super impressed with Gareth!

Erin said...

Yeah, it took me by surprise when the dentist recommended getting started. But apparently some things like palate expanders can be good to do early before bones are too solidified? It does sound like he might have to go for a second round of braces at a later point, depending on what his other adult teeth do as they come in. So two short rounds instead of one long one, potentially. Either way it's expensive.

I'm determined that our kids will feel comfortable in the kitchen by the time they leave home. They both are pretty interested in helping out anyway, and I figured we should get Gareth started before he turns into a moody teenager. I was more than a little worried about the eggs, but I fished a fair share of shells out of cookie dough when I was a kid, so tried to be calm about it.