Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cafe Rio... to eat or not to eat?

And I quote:

"It is no secret that Cafe Rio is one of the more popular restaurants among BYU students. It is for this reason I felt compelled to write this letter to expose something I found both shocking and saddening. I noticed Cafe Rio uses real Coca-Cola in its recipe for pork barbacoa. That means many of us have disobeyed the commandments of our prophets without even knowing it!

"I am appalled Cafe Rio would perpetuate this subterfuge in Provo. Surely the owners must realize how many of us are striving to uphold the Word of Wisdom. How can we do that when they are secretly giving us real Coke? Now that this despicable deception has been brought to light, I think the only solution that we, as students of the Lord's university, can embrace is to immediately stop patronizing Cafe Rio until it uses caffeine-free Coke in its pork barbacoa recipe.

"Until then, let us eat on campus -- BYU Dining would never serve real Coke. Further, I call on the Honor Code Office to consider whether students who continue to order pork barbacoa should have a place at this university. Surely we cannot have students attending BYU who don't think it's important to follow the prophets. If students insist on eating pork barbacoa at Cafe Rio, they should cede their spot at this university to someone who is willing to be obedient, even when it doesn't suit their carnal tastes."

This was a letter to the editor in the Daily Universe. I laughed my head off. Hope to hear what you have to say!


Nancy said...

Uh-huh. I don't know you quite well enough yet. I read the whole thing thinking, "I hope they think this is hilarious...I hope they think this is hilarious...I hope they think this is hilarious..."

Phew! You were laughing your head off, too. :)

Sabrina said...

I was standing with a few people waiting for the bus when I read this and I burst out laughing and got a few strange looks. It was worth it.

David said...
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David said...

I missed this issue, but I'm sure I would've cracked up too. What's sad is that some people think posts like this are serious. I remember drinking Coke at a ward Christmas party (together with the other 3 Elders in the ward) to show the members that that isn't actually in the word of wisdom. I must tell you, I have never seen a ward so silent as the moment just prior to and after the four beloved missionaries of ala industriario drank Coke, the quietude only broken by Tarsila saying loudly, "But Elders, you CAN'T!" It was rather amusing.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. So this WAS a joke then?? Why did it get published??

People shouldn't make up retarded things like this, because then they get read on every radio station and make the rest of us LDS folk look like morons.

Anonymous said...

I swear to god they put concentrated caffeine in their food. I ate some tonight and cannot sleep at all! Wide awake three hours past my bedtime.

Anonymous said...

WOW! HHAHAHHAHAHAHHA at first I was thinking "real coke" as in like coco-cola in 1885 containing cocaine but then i found out it was all about Caffine!! seriously?!!
As a mormon i must say that whoever wrote this article should mind their own dang business instead of infringing on others free agency