Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photography Class

A woman in our ward offers a free seven-week photography course each summer - one of the reasons I was glad we ended up staying here. I've finally purchased a new camera for us, since the idea of trying to shoot for two hours with an obsolete memory card that can hold 36 pictures and a camera that probably uses up batteries in 1 hour didn't appeal to me. (When I looked through the manual for that camera I noticed that they assure the owner that the date function will continue to work after the year 2000. Definitely time for an upgrade.) I decided to stick with a compact camera for now, and went with this one. Happily, it arrived late Monday afternoon, just in time for my class yesterday.

The class is called "Learning Design Through Digital Photography", so we are focusing on how to compose our pictures, with an emphasis on line and texture. Our first assignment was due yesterday, consisting of two pictures each of the following categories of art: representational, abstract, and non-representational. Here are my best of the bunch:

I felt like I had a very difficult time finding abstract photos, but I must do a much better job of taking abstract pictures than representational or non-representational, since our teacher seemed to like these. Hopefully I'll improve in the representational category over the course of the class! Our class yesterday was focused on line, so look forward to some line pictures next week!


Susan said...

Very cool. I like the clarinet one especially. Have fun with your class. I'm jealous! :)

Michaela said...

Wow. Just one class and your photos already look artsy smart. You could have a totally new age wall filled with photos of line and color... I wish I were in the class with you! Someday I'll get someone to teach me to have a visual eye.
If you get really into photography you might want to check out this website -
One of my french professors. He goes through ways to tweak on photoshop. I'm sure there are equivalents on gimp or something, if you don't have photoshop.

I agree with Susan - the clarinet is awesome. Love you!