Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Picture Catch-Up: Piano and Being Cute

Malcolm has fallen in love with our keyboard. The piano at his sitter's house was one item that helped him finally transition into being happy about being there. Gareth is usually happy to play with the keyboard with Malcolm for a bit.

We've entered the stage where you try to take a picture and Malcolm quickly comes and tries to eat the camera.

Gareth always wants pictures of himself.

Malcolm is super-cute when he plays the keyboard (and the lighting in our house can be difficult to work with).

Gareth loves metal music these days. Here he's rocking out on his air guitar in his painfully mis-matched outfit.

Malcolm loves the outdoors and gets very upset if you take him out to, say, check the weather, and then quickly come back in. For the first couple of months at the sitter's he was only content (sort of) if our friend was carrying him in the ergo outside. If his sitter dared to carry him inside in the ergo screaming ensued. Anyway, he loves standing by the screen door (which we're so glad has a lock on it!), banging on the door and also getting to see whatever might be going on just outside the front door (usually not much).

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