Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Week Left

School doesn't start here until next week, after Labor Day. At least, it's supposed to start then. Apparently the district and teachers are still negotiating their contract and if they can't agree on something by next Tuesday, school will not start on Wednesday.

Anyway, Gareth and I are both excited for him to be back in school. We've done a lot of fun activities this summer, but my best efforts at playdates/outings simply aren't enough for him - he would love to do those things every day. While I'm excited for him to head back to school, I've been dragging my feet about getting supplies and shoes and whatnot. I guess I'm more than happy to have Gareth back at school, but am not so ready to have our lives follow a more structured schedule again. I'll start rehearsals for both of my groups the same week Gareth starts school and he'll start having soccer games around that time as well.

We finally got around to getting shoes yesterday. I think I might hold off on new clothes until it starts getting a little cooler. I've told myself it'll be okay to wait until after tomorrow to get the school supplies. They've got a school event to help get the grounds ready and where the kids can meet their teacher and see their classroom. I can ask his teacher then if the things on the list are actually needed/if there's anything not on the list they need. Maybe then I'll be able to convince myself that school really is (maybe) starting and that I actually do need to purchase the supplies.

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