Monday, September 15, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Grandma and Grandpa flew in on the first day of school for a visit. This was Malcolm's first chance to meet Grandpa in person, so it was kind of a big deal. Gareth was very excited to know that they would be there when he got home from school.

We sent Gareth to school the day after they came because he didn't want to miss his friend's birthday. While he was at school, Ryan took his parents downtown. He showed them where he works and tok them to lunch at Lowells, Ryan's favorite place for fish and chips. They also spent some time at Pikes Place, which you may as well do if you're already there. They arrived home in time for Grandma to go help pick up Gareth. He needed to run inside for a minute when he got out and when he came back out he came with the principal. Gareth had been telling everyone who would listen that his grandparents were in town and the principal said Gareth had better come introduce him to Grandma.

We took Gareth out of school for the duration of their visit so that he could get some quality time with them. Friday the weather was supposed to be warm, so we headed down to Golden Gardens and Shilshole Marina to check out the sailboats. Grandpa would've loved to walk down on the docks, but we would've needed to have someone who lives there with us as access to the docks is restricted. But we were able to stand above them and look down at the boats. Next time they come we'll have to be sure to arrange a sailboat ride somewhere. We hung out on the beach for a few hours, letting the kids play. Ryan, after much urging from the rest of us, submerged himself in the chilly water.Gareth kept going in the water, but not usually very far because the water was just too cold to stand for very long. We came home and enjoyed a late lunch at our favorite Greek restaurant, Takis.

Saturday we hung around the house most of the morning. After Ryan got back from his lesson I took Ryan's parents and Gareth to Elliot Bay Book Company since Grandpa was wanting to check it out. I was slightly terrified to drive there since it's in the Capitol Hill neighborhood which I'm not at all familiar with and I was certain that parking would be a nightmare. I'm glad I had my phone giving me directions, and we got very lucky with parking - found a spot right in front of the store!  We enjoyed browsing there for a couple hours and then headed home.

Sunday afternoon we checked out the farmer's market (I wanted to get some nectarines). We dragged Gareth along with us, but I think he ended up being glad he went once he got to try samples of fudge, toffee, soda, straight cranberry juice, and fruit. Plus we got donuts, so he really had no complaints in the end.

Monday we borrowed Redpath's station wagon so that we could all go to Snoqualmie Falls. I've been meaning to go for a while but we hadn't got around to it, so I figured it'd be a good trip to take with the grandparents. The waterfall is very pretty and the short hike down to the river/lower viewing point was perfect for the kids. Apparently after rainier/snowier seasons the fall will actually extend across the entire ridge, but since we're coming off summer (the dry season in Seattle), it wasn't doing so.

The waterfall

Mal playing in some old piece of equipment from the power plant

Gareth had fun playing by the river

Just seconds earlier Mal was holding both Grandma and Grandpa's hands, and it was very cute, but he let go of Grandma's just before the picture.

Attempted pic of boys at the top but Gareth's blocking the waterfall. Oh, well.

Gareth was very sad to say goodbye the next day. Malcolm has missed them as well, asking about "Grandma and Grandma" (couldn't quite get that pa sound down while they were here!) and generally being extremely cranky since they've gone.

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Momof8 said...

We had such a wonderful time visiting you! Thanks, Erin, for all you did to make us feel right at home, especially your delicious meals. We sure do miss those sweet boys and can't wait to see them again. (You're a sweet boy, too, Ryan!)