Monday, July 13, 2015

Cougar Mountain

My friend's kids have watched our kids twice this past week so that we could go on bike rides. It's been good to get back on the bike after not many long rides recently. I did lots of little rides through the end of the school year just getting Gareth to and from school, but hadn't done many real rides.

Today we rode up Cougar Mountain. By the time you reach the top of the mountain you've climbed about 2500 ft. You're rewarded with a great view of Lake Sammamish. Today it was quite foggy, so not the clearest of views. But still lovely.

I've ridden across the I-90 bridge several times now. Figured it was high time I got a picture.

The bridge takes you across the lake to Mercer Island. Then on the other side of the island another I-90 bridge takes you across the lake again to the east side.

It's about 18 miles until you start climbing the mountain. Another 6 or so to the top. Then you get to have fun riding back down. We hit 50 mph on the way down. You add a few hundred more feet of climbing as you're going home, to get in about 3100 ft. total and 48 miles.

I believe this park is one I've been wanting to take the kids to for a hike. When thinking about that stuff it's easy to feel like it's all so far away (I have to drive to the east side, ugh!). But the fact that I've biked over there and back in just a few hours rather puts things in perspective. The only thing holding me back for now on that kind of activity is the fact that Mal is potty training and not at all interested in doing so outside of our own home.

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