Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ten Years

Ten years ago:

We've done quite a bit in 10 years. Graduated from college, done the grad school thing once, moved 3 times, had two kids, worked through post-partum depression, worked at multiple jobs, jettisoned a belief system, and bought a house (almost!). Ryan sat next to me a couple weeks ago and said, "I had been thinking we should do something big for our tenth..." I responded, "But we're buying a house." We have joked that the house is our birthdays and anniversary and Christmas for the rest of our lives - we never have to buy gifts for each other again! But we would like to take a nice trip or something at some point, so maybe for our 15th.

Instead of a big trip, we'll spend the day in a pretty typical way - at work, trying to clean the house, playdates with friends, and then we'll go out for a nice dinner this evening without the kids. Ten years ago we were young and we've both grown into quite different people than we were (or were looking for) back then. But our personalities still work together well and we still enjoy being together. We frequently marvel at how lucky we got.

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Momof8 said...

We feel very blessed to have the two of you in our lives! Thank you, Erin, for being willing to join our family, and for all the good you have done and still do for Ryan and for those two wonderful boys of yours. May your next ten years be even better than the first ten years! Love you both!