Monday, June 12, 2017

Year One

Year one of graduate school is in the books. Granted, I have things to do over the summer. Lots of things actually, if I think about it for more than a minute. I have a portfolio due at the end of June, an online Nutrition Management course to finish by the end of July, a community rotation to complete (I'm going to a camp for kids with diabetes the day after my online course finishes), and I'm hoping to make a huge amount of progress on my capstone project (currently working on IRB revisions).

The past 8 months have been extremely rewarding, even if incredibly stressful at times. I started out more than a little unsure of myself, wondering if I'd feel horrifically unprepared compared to everyone else, and knowing I was the last person to get in off the wait list leaving me wondering if I really could hack the program. All that good impostor syndrome stuff. My first metabolism exam showed me that at least the academic side of things was definitely doable for me. And having a cohort to go through everything with is great. When this comic sums your life up just a couple weeks into winter quarter, you know everyone else is right there with you.

A couple weeks into winter quarter I got a moment of validation when I received an email informing me the faculty had nominated me to apply for a scholarship through Mortar Board/Tolo Foundation. This particular scholarship, in honor of Betty Runstad, is reserved for Nutrition students. Whether I got the scholarship or not, I was grateful to have been nominated. I spent the next couple months compiling a cover letter, resume, and my qualifications in scholarship, leadership, and service. My brother was very helpful in the editing process on these as I'm apparently prone to downplay what I've done. A couple months later I did an interview, and, in the end, I got the scholarship. I've also been given a scholarship by the department for next year. Between the two, my tuition for fall and winter quarters will be just about covered. I'm very grateful for that because it helps keep the loan amount at something more reasonable.

Anyway, this past quarter has been so enjoyable. Between starting on my capstone and taking classes that are more oriented toward practical application, I found a lot to enjoy. I also had the opportunity to attend a 4-day pediatric nutrition conference that was here in Seattle (I applied for a scholarship to it, didn't get it, but was instead offered the chance to attend as a volunteer). The conference was exhausting, but an incredibly valuable learning experience. And it was fun to meet some RDs who are already practicing in pediatrics. I attended another conference this week, a 1-day event at a local hospital. These types of events are getting me excited for the rotations we'll do next year, though I'm certainly nervous about them as well!

Next year will be extremely busy as well, but I'm hopeful that this summer, despite all I need to do, will provide enough of a break for our whole family to take a deep breath before plunging into the final year.


Alanna said...

Good job!!! That's amazing! YOU are amazing!

I would love to hear how you got interested in this subject-- if I'm remembering correctly, it's quite a change from your undergrad studies! Some day when you have time (maybe next year?) tell us the story!

Myrna said...

Go you, Erin! So glad you had a great first year, and congratulations on the scholarships!