Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jump Start/Eclipse

Mal had his first day of Jump Start yesterday. Jump Start is a program where the Kindergarteners spend a week at the school before school actually starts. They go for a half day and get to figure out some of the basics of how school works, meet the teachers, see the classrooms, etc. Mal was really excited to finally get to go to "Gareth's school". I was a bit worried he'd be upset at drop off, but he wasn't.

Mal had one of Gareth's teachers from last year. He was pretty calm through the whole thing, grabbing his teacher's hand when it was time to get into circle and quietly listening (zoning out?) while another teacher talked for a while.  

The kids all got to go out and look at the eclipse for a bit, which Mal was very excited about when we picked him up. It sounds like the day went really well since he came home happy and kept asking throughout the day if we were going back to school. He won't necessarily have the same teacher for the school year - we'll find out at the end of the week what room he's assigned to for the year.

While he was at school, the rest of us walked over to the local park, along with just about everyone else in the neighborhood, to watch the eclipse. We only had one pair of glasses between us, but taking turns worked out just fine. 

And here's a lame photo attempt. It didn't look anything like this when actually viewed through the glasses. We had about 93% totality here. It got noticeably dimmer and colder, to the point that Gareth and I were uncomfortably chilly.

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Alanna said...

I'm so jealous that you got to see the eclipse! We had the worst luck here-- it had been cloudless all day, and then during the exact hour when it was at it's peak, these clouds rolled in and blocked it all, and then left as quickly as they'd come. We missed all the best stuff! I'd even made those box projectors for my kids in an attempt to be a decent mother!!! (Because naturally I hadn't bothered to get the glasses in time!)