Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seward Park

Gareth and I took a bus trip today to Seward Park. It's not very far from us, but it would be a half-hour walk, so I opted for the bus. The bus schedule did not list any times for anywhere near the part of the route that we would be taking (at least that I could find), so we ended up waiting for quite a while. I probably could have got there walking before the bus came, but again, wanted to save my feet some trouble.

Gareth enjoyed looking out onto Lake Washington. The houses over in that area are very nice and I'm sure very expensive as well. The view was beautiful with a mountain poking up through the clouds in the distance (I'm assuming Mt. Rainier, but that is a fair distance away, so I'm really not sure.)

There were some ducks in the lake and people were letting their dogs swim in the water, all of which Gareth thought was pretty cool. I finally dragged him back to the stroller and we went for a bit of a walk down the biking/walking/running path. We didn't go the whole way because it's quite a long path and I was getting tired. (It's finally warmed up out here, so that didn't help either). We turned around and on the way back stopped at a tiny rocky beach so Gareth could throw rocks in the water.

The people in the background of the picture asked me if Gareth was my son or my brother. She was pretty sure he was my son, but it sounded like the man was guessing my brother. I'm assuming I just look so young that it's not un-imaginable that I could have a 3 year old brother! :)

It was a fun trip, but my legs are worn out. At least I can say I got my exercise in for the day!


Ryan said...

Haha, Gareth throws like a girl.

kristine N said...

Sadly, that was exactly what I thought about that picture too.

Looks like it was a beautiful day!

Alanna said...

Seattle beaches aren't much good for laying out in the sun, but they are GREAT for throwing rocks in the water!

If what you were looking at was one mountain all by itself, it was probably Rainier. (You know you're from the Pacific Northwest if you say things like, "The mountain is out today!") If it's a whole line of mountains then it's either the Cascades or the Olympics. Although occasionally Mt. Baker shows up, too-- it's a lot further away and looks a lot smoother than Rainier...