Saturday, July 3, 2010

Women of Faith

This is just a notice to make sure you all know about the Women of Faith project. I know some reading this blog might be interested in, or know someone who would be interested in, participating in this scholarly project. (If you're interested don't delay going to the website - proposals are due by August 31st!) We don't often get a chance to learn about the women in the church who have been influential and important in many spheres. I'm very excited to see the end result of the project.


Amy Rose said...

Did I tell you I finally got a calling in our new ward? I am second counselor in the Young Women's program.

Little nervous, little excited... we'll see how it goes!

Erin said...

How fun! (and challenging, I'm sure) You should be sure to teach them about some of these amazing women. Have you found the beginningsnew blog? They're a (what I think would be) very helpful YW blog. Good luck to you!