Friday, January 25, 2013

Something's Missing

Gareth lost his first tooth last night. It's been loose for a while, so it was no surprise. And, in the end, he swallowed it while eating dinner. I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the only tooth he swallows, as neither Ryan nor I are willing to pull his teeth, and Gareth didn't do a whole lot of wiggling of the tooth himself, so it's not likely that he'll pull a tooth out while wiggling it. He was very excited to get to put a tally mark on his classroom's tooth tally today.


Momof8 said...

It's a big milestone when your first child loses his first tooth. Ryan was in first grade before his first tooth came out. I think we lost it in the grass. . . . When a tooth got lost (or swallowed), the child would simply write a short note to put under the pillow, and it always worked!

Marianne said...

He swallowed it?! Cool!!

I love the first tooth pictures...they always look so proud.