Monday, December 23, 2013

Frozen and Carols

We try our best to make Christmas a memorable time for the kids - something that they'll think fondly of when they're grown. So we travel to go cut down a tree and have all the little gifts across the mantle for the days leading up to Christmas and we bake and have certain movies we only watch at Christmas-time and we have grapefruit and on and on.

One thing we started last year was to take Gareth to a movie. Obviously we'll start to include Malcolm once he's old enough to sit through a movie in a theatre. Right now he makes it about 5 minutes. Yesterday we left Malcolm with some friends and took Gareth to see Frozen. Pretty good, a little cheesy, as many Disney movies are. But it was nice how they broke some Disney stereotypes a little bit. Gareth said it was "awesome" and couldn't pick a favorite part. He did note that he was confused by why the sword broke against the ice at the end though, because metal should be stronger than ice. After the movie we stopped at Five Guys for burgers and fries to take home with us. Since movies in the theatre and fast food are both things we never do, they make for a pretty exciting outing.

And tonight we went to a carol sing-along that my teacher was putting on. I didn't play, because we had the kids and I knew Malcolm would be wiggly. Malcolm enjoyed watching the band play some pieces and then when we started singing carols every time I tried to sing he'd turn his head to me, frown, shake his head "no" and cover my mouth. Apparently he's not a fan of singing. Or at least not my singing, though I don't think my voice is that bad. He made it quite a while - 15 minutes maybe - before he was ready to be wandering. So I wandered the building with him while Ryan and Gareth stayed and listened to the singing/playing. I'm not sure how much they sang, but Gareth was happy to follow along with the words at least. And then Gareth was very excited for the treats afterward - cookies and fruit and marshmallows to dip in a chocolate fountain. Malcolm had sampled some cookies while wandering and managed to sneak one more before we left.


kristine N said...

I've heard Frozen is a good movie. We'll probably wait until it's out on dvd regardless--it's like $12 for the matinee down here!

Merry Christmas, and happy new year!

Erin said...

Yeah, we usually wait for Netflix for everything for that reason. But it definitely didn't cost $12 for the matinee here! Still an expensive outing once you add up three tickets and the food afterwards. But, as a once a year treat, not too bad I guess. Merry Christmas to you, as well, Kristine!