Monday, December 23, 2013

Real Haircut

I wasn't anticipating getting Malcolm a real haircut so soon, but we had the car in for an oil change and there was a kid's haircut place a few blocks away, so we walked down there. And ended up needing an appointment, but since I was there decided to go ahead and make an appointment for the same afternoon.

Of course, Malcolm refused to nap this afternoon, though he was still in a remarkably good mood while driving there. But that all changed as soon as the woman cutting his hair picked him up. This is a kids oriented place, so they even have cars for the littlest ones to sit in, but that wasn't enough to calm Malcolm. So he cried through the whole thing, just like Gareth had through his first cut. I'm guessing that after a few cuts it'll start to go better. And luckily the hairstylists are used to such crying since the place is specifically geared toward kids, so she (and everyone else there) was completely unfazed.



Side view to show off his curls

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