Monday, January 4, 2016


We got a tiny bit of snow yesterday. It stuck to the road for approximately two minutes and then melted and stopped sticking. The kids bundled up and went out to play like it was the greatest thing ever. Mal was convinced we should be able to make a snowman. Gareth twirled in joy on the deck:

I think it's a good thing we didn't get any that stuck overnight. If they have this much joy over practically no snow, imagine how devastating it would have been to have snow just when you're going back to school and can no longer spend all day playing in it?


Alanna said...

Don't worry-- Seattle usually cancels school the second that snow starts sticking! It's so funny to me how kids can love snow so much while I have such an absolute hatred for it...!

Erin said...

True. As long as it's enough to cancel school for me as well and we have nowhere to go that day, I don't mind. Gareth is so confused as to how I can hate snow so much. I just tell him to wait until he has to drive in it. A couple of Indiana winters cured me of any affinity for snow I ever had.