Friday, June 19, 2020

School End

Well, school has ended for the year. Very anticlimactic this year and it's not clear what things will look like in the fall. The childcare at the elementary school has been allowed to re-open, but Mal won't be going this summer since we're all working from home still. Lots of people are going to be losing childcare FSA money this year I'm guessing. Half of ours was supplied by my employer, so it won't be quite as painful if we don't use it all. The schools will only open full time in the fall if we're in phase 4, which everyone is assuming unlikely. We just got approved for phase 2 and it sounds like we're barely meeting requirements there, so I wouldn't be surprised if we have to move backwards in a few weeks.

Since it was a lame last day of school, it worked out nicely that I had the day off (I'm working an upcoming weekend day). I decided we should do some fun things since the kids didn't really have school. Mal wanted the three of us to play Overcooked, which we planned to do, but Ryan was using one of the controllers, so we'll get that in tomorrow instead.

Gareth and I went for our first bike ride in ages. Just 9 miles over to our old neighborhood and back. It includes some hills but is very doable. I'm going to be in some pain tomorrow since it's been a couple months since I last rode and because I'd also gone for a run this morning. It felt good to get out though and was a nice way to spend an hour. We stopped by a friend's house and had a brief outside conversation before making our way back.

After injuring his back on his birthday when he tried to lift his heavy pillow as though it was a regular pillow, Ryan's realized he needs to be moving more than an occasional walk and dips/pushups. A friend told him biking has helped with his back, so Ryan might actually get into biking again. He has a bike that this friend gave him a few years ago, but apparently it needs a little work - we just can't remember what it needs. One of my big barriers to getting out on rides alone is that I don't actually know a lot of maintenance stuff or how to fix things if something goes awry while I'm out. We're hoping to start learning together.

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